Brilliant delivery of league trophies and Acydma Cup to their most outstanding teams

The Marina Alta Cultural and Sports Association (ACYDMA) celebrated its traditional end-of-season trophy delivery gala. In this edition the scene of the act was the Restaurant La Senia.

The host of the event, Vero Teruel, welcomed those present and gave the floor to the president of Acydma, Alberto Portillo. In his speech he thanked the behavior of all the participants and explained that they are working with the intention of recovering the number of teams that play and especially having a female league again.

Then, a faithful follower of futsal in Dénia was called, Francisco Pérez, to whom Portillo himself gave him a shirt with his name, for his dedication to futsal.

José Argudo, Juan José Roselló and the illustrious veteran, Rafa Satorres, were awarded for their careers in this sport.

Subsequently, he entered fully into the trophies of the 7 and Futsal competition. The team least hit in 7 Football was the Bar Los Alegres; in futsal, P. Stilos Ràfol.

In football 7 the top scorer team is Recapte de Ramonet and in futsal, Reale-Hearing Romany. The maximum player, both in 7 Football and Futsal, was Igor Díaz.

The trophy for sportsmanship, in 7 football was for the Los Alegres Bar and in futsal for the Els Poblets team.

In the Cup competition, in 7 football the finalist was Bar Los Alegres and the champion El Recapte de Ramonet. In the Cup the runner-up was H. Nou Romá and the cup of champions went to P. Stilos Ràfol.

Finally, the trophies were awarded for the best teams in the 7 football league. The third place went to Basta-Aceite Cazorla team. The second place was for the formation of Ramonet's Recapte, and 2018-19 season league champion, Los Alegres Bar.

As for the futsal league, H Nou Romá was third, Fr. Stilos Ràfol was the runner-up and the Reale-Hearing Aid ensemble Romany received the trophy from the new sports councilor, Raúl García de la Reina. of champion.

After the presentation of the trophies, those present were offered a wine of honor where it was announced that this weekend the 24 Futsal Futsal City of Dénia will be played.

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