Bodegas Xaló could not stop the Reale-Hearing Aids Romany in the Acydma League (2-5)

The 27 day in the championship of the local football league of Acydma left us the attempt of the Bodega Xaló team to stop the leader of the competition, the Reale-Hearing aids Romany, something that did not happen as the dianenses were superior. It was not easy for the leaders as they had to play very concentrated against the strength of the rival. They did not spend too much trouble to express their superiority on the court with a win by 2 to 5.

The second classified, Hairdresser Stilos Ràfol, had it much easier since he threw unceremoniously one of the teams in the lower zone of the classification, the Rte La Fontana, which he defeated by 1 to 13. Party of little history before the difference of quality of a team and another.

Another team that did not want surprises was H Nou Romà, who beat Baleària by 0 to 11. Party where the hoteliers showed their potential, which leads them to be third in the standings. They sent from beginning to end.

One of the most interesting matches of the day was played by Pedreguer Futsal and Constr. González Barber. Two sets from the top of the classification that tied one. The match was very close and could have fallen from one side or another.

Significant was the win that Bodega Aguilar inflicted on the bottom, Bar El Racó de David. The Ondara won by 10 to 1, in a match that only had one team on the track. Another clear triumph was achieved by Ademar who won Els Poblets by 0 to 8.

The excitement was also present in the duel between La Xara and Bar Colom, so much so that in the end the regulation time the scoreboard signaled a draw to two.

The top scorer is headed by the player Igor Díaz, of the H Nou Romà, with 56 goals scored. The team that has scored the most goals until this day is the Reale-Hearing Aids Romany with 153, being the Hairdresser Stilos the least hit since it has 35 fitted.

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