The Barrio de Baix la Mar

January 20 from 2015 - 18: 15

Entering the neighborhood Denia Baix la Mar we enter which is undoubtedly the most picturesque district of the city, with a history closely linked to the sea and sailors. That is why it is known as the marine district.

Its history dates back centuries. This area was occupied by the Arabs under the name "sea raval". In the Islamic period, Dénia was divided into four Ravales, and of those four, the sailor was the most important of which were near the sea be linked directly to the port.

But the image we know today dates back to the neighborhood XIX.Fue then century when sailors city settled in this area, which by then was an area of ​​warehouses and maritime trade. And so it remained until mid 70 when tourism began to emerge and assume the main economic activity in Dénia.

Delving into its streets is to walk through a small maze of low-rise houses, where the colors reign supreme and where we realize that there is no citywide corner with a similar charm.

Barrio de baix la Mar

Note the Plaza de San Antonio, a meeting that since the area has become peatonalizó reference at leisure in Dénia, since there are installed several bars comaprten terrace on the square.

Baix la Mar failure, failure neighborhood

With one of the oldest stories of the fallas in Denia Falla Baix la Mar Maritime District is the representative of this seaside neighborhood.

Founded in 1947 is, together with the failures Center, West and Les Roques, the oldest in the city. With the Baix la Mar fails and the other three commissions were born in Dénia failures, a festival Dianense part of the annual calendar.

Falla Baix la Mar 2014

Failure Baix la Mar is also one of the largest commissions of the city, especially noted for the number of children that make up the district.

Currently competing in the Special Section of the Fallas in Denia, and in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 won the first prize that section thanks to its large monument.

Failure Baix la Mar, formerly planted on the street Pont, plant now his monument at the intersection of Jaume I and Doctor Fleming streets.

Library Baix la Mar

Library Baix la Mar, better known as Reading Agency Baix la Mar, Is located in the old vocational school, office place today as Planning and Civil Protection, as well as being the headquarters of Llunàtics, where workshops for young people of the city are held.

Reading Agency Baix la Mar

The Library of Baix la Mar, in Dénia, opens its doors from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13: 45 and from 17 to 20 hours. During the months of July and August your schedule is reduced from 8 to 15 hours.

Until a few months ago, next to the sea Baix library also was a toy library, but unfortunately closed its doors.

A restaurant in Baix la Mar

One? No, in the district of Baix la Mar there are dozens of restaurants with all kinds of menus and wine. Restaurants stand out especially rice dishes and Mediterranean cuisine but digging through the streets you can find lots of choice and very good quality.

Placeta de Sant Antoni - Barrio de Baix la Mar


The Baix la Mar area in Dénia is an ideal place to have an ice cream, for example. On the Paseo del Raset there are several ice cream parlors, as well as numerous bars and restaurants.

Because of its great tourist attraction in the neighborhood of Baix la Mar restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes adapt.

Hotels in Baix la Mar

Baix la Mar currently has two hotels are located in the maritime city fahcada one hand, Hotel La Posada del MarAnd very close to that building, the Hotel El Raset.

The district of Baix la Mar is a must for all who walk visiting the city of Denia. Its atmosphere, its streets and its people form a memorable part of the experience of the user scroll.

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