We visit the Dénia de 'Les Xiques' that has crowned Port Rotes one more year in First

18 March 2019 - 15: 03

Port Rotes has traveled to the first years of the 216th century to give life to his monument Me Cague'n Dénia, the work of the fetish edge of the falla, Rafa Ibáñez. With XNUMX points, this monument recreates some memories of Dénia from the beginning of the last century.

The Casino, El Siglo, Carrer de Les Xiques, and those elements that, according to experts, generated the expression that gives the title to the failure.

After several days showing off at the end of Marqués de Campo, tonight I Cague'n Dénia, like the rest of failures of Dénia, will go down in history. Before that happens, we show you the details of this first-class monument.

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