Approved a modification of credits of 3 million euros in Dénia

14 July 2023 - 11: 17

The plenary session of the Corporation has approved today, with the votes in favor of PSPV y Compromís, abstaining from Gent of Dénia y PP and the vote against VOX a credit modification amounting to 3.058.871,35 euros. This budget modification, the third of the 2023 financial year, is carried out to deal with items of expenditure that have increased, as well as needs that cannot be postponed for the following financial year.

Among the expenses to be covered are the payment of judicial sentences, the acquisition of material for various municipal departments, the modification of work contracts, the hiring of personnel in the residence or in the Department of Tourism and the second phase of the installation of hydrants. to the Montgó.

In today's extraordinary session, the appointment of representatives of the Corporation in collegiate bodies and organizations has also been approved, with the votes in favor of the PSPV and Compromís, the abstention of PP and Gent de Dénia and the vote against VOX. In addition, the designation of representatives of political groups in collegiate bodies has been noticed.

  1. July says:

    Objective: Fill your pockets.

  2. It says:

    What to say in the face of such barbarity...
    Everyone so happy and nothing happens
    What a bunch of irresponsible, gangsters and tampoosos!

  3. Joselito says:

    How unsupportive of VOX who doesn't like to waste our money.