Alex Pella and Lalou Multi in search of a new record sailing from Dénia to Ibiza in less than 3 hours

May 03 from 2022 - 15: 28

Alex Pella and the Lalou Multi team will try to beat the Ibiza-Dénia record tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, aboard the Arkema trimaran. This record is held by Alex Pella, since March 22, 2007, when he achieved it with a time of 5 hours, 18 minutes and 11 seconds, beating with this mark the solo record held by Daniel Parrés to date. “Our plan is to leave tomorrow around 7 in the morning from Marina Dénia to Ibiza, already in the channel it is expected that there will be 25 knots of wind in an east-northeast direction. The idea is not to make a stopover in Ibiza and enter the Bay of San Antonio and, from its breakwater, we will leave to attempt the record and we will arrive by crossing an imaginary north-south line, with the red one at the entrance to the Dénia breakwater, in a three hours. I am very excited to do this at home and I also want to thank the collaboration of the San Antonio Yacht Club”, said Alex Pella.

For his part, Gabriel Martínez, director of Marina Dénia, has pointed out that we normally do regattas from Dénia to Ibiza and we wanted to change, in order to celebrate it at home. For this challenge we have managed to get our most famous sculptor, Toni Marí, to make a trophy, which is an artistic reproduction of the emblematic Marina Dénia lighthouse. He will make another major trophy that will remain in Dénia in which we will place the plates of those who beat this record. Thanks to Lalou Roucayrol and Quentin Vlamynck who brought us Arkema. We are very excited to have you all here. Thanks to Alex Pella, Dénia has had significant encounters with ocean sailing, which otherwise our city or our port would never have encountered with this facet.

Lalou Roucayrol highlighted that Arkema is the first boat to use a 100% recyclable resin since the team is committed to sustainability. He has also explained that they have greatly developed the aerodynamic part of the boat, which is a novelty and of which they are very proud. At the press conference, Alex Pella explained that the great event that the Lalou Multi team has is the participation of Arkema in the Rum Route with Quentin Vlamynck. "Since the regulations allow for help on land, it will be Lalou and I who will do this routing work, on board my boat "Galvana" and from Marina Dénia".

“Today, through this project, we take another step, we will soon get Dénia to be part of and guide a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, participating in the most important of ocean sailing, from the classic Galvana boat. We have a challenge and it is to coin, Dénia city of gastronomy and nautical, and so I have transferred it to the mayor of Dénia”, Gabriel Martínez concluded.

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