Alejandro Seguí was third Master 40 in the 'Volcat de Igualada'

The cyclist, Alejandro Seguí, of the Multiesport-UCMontgó team finished third in the 40 Master category of the prestigious stage test, "Volcat", That during three days was disputed in the Catalan town of Igualada.

In this stage test, one of the oldest of all the races in Europe awarded UCI points in the XCS S2 category, which led to high participation as a meeting point for international elite cyclists.

The test of BTT during the three days that lasted traveled through the unique places of Central Catalonia, went through a variety of landscapes and territories that made enjoy both runners and their companions and the public, thanks to the splendor of the corners they went through.

Seguí was fifth in the 1ª Stage

In the first of the stages held with a track of 60 kilometers with positive slope of 1.500 meters, Alejandro Seguí, finished fourth of the 40 Master category, with a time of 2: 56.55. Seguí made the race with his teammate, Roberto Gómez, who entered the finish line at the same time.

His teammates, Rubén Bequio occupied the 333 position of the general with a time of 3: 31.54. Gloria Medina, in females, M30 finished in eighth place with a record of 4: 28.02.

Seguí was second in the 2ª Stage

Things improved for Alejandro Seguí in the second stage with a total track of 80 kilometers with a positive drop of 2.100 meters where he finished second, in Master 40, with a time of 3: 44.54. He entered the 5.48 goal of the winner, Alejo Moya.

Rubén Bequio entered the 89 position of the 30 Master category with a 4 time: 33.20 and Gloria Medina was seventh in M30 with a 5 record: 57.07.

I kept fifth in the last stage

The Multiesport-UCMontgó team rider assured his presence on the podium as third in the 40 Master category when finishing in the fifth place in the third stage. The cyclists faced a route of 40 kilometers with 1.100 of positive slope.

Alejandro Segui finished fifth in his category with a time of 1: 47.18. While Rubén Bequio entered the position 88 Master category 30 with a record of 2: 09.16. Gloria Medina was sixth in Féminas M30 with a time of 2: 44.46.

Final classification

After the three races, the performance of the Multiesport-UCMontgó team cyclists was extraordinary. Alejandro Seguí took the podium as third in Master 40, Rubén Bequio finished in 82 position of Master 30 and Gloria Medina was sixth in females M30. By teams the whole of Marina Alta occupied the fifteenth position.

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