Aitana Mas, vice president of the Generalitat, renders accounts to the residents of Dénia

January 18 from 2023 - 11: 33

The collective Compromís per Dénia celebrated the second coffee with politicians and civil society. In this case, it was the turn of the Vice President of the Council and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Aitana Mas.

The café was opened by the mayoral candidate and Compromís spokesperson, Rafa Carrió, in which he thanked all the attendees and especially Aitana Mas for returning to Dénia.

The Vice President began by explaining all the projects that the Generalitat Valenciana has carried out in Dénia. In the words of Mas, «the Generalitat Valenciana has invested more than 25 million euros in Dénia in these eight years of Botànic. There are many examples, but the ones that I would highlight the most is the investment that has been made with the Pla Edificant or the Pla Convivint. But also other aid for the promotion of small businesses and crafts or aid from LABORA for the hiring of people with difficult labor insertion.

Soon there will be new conferences with political representatives of Compromís

Subsequently, the turn to speak was for the attendees of various associations and citizens who addressed different questions to Aitana Mas related to her department. The Vice President was able to resolve some of the issues raised by the attendees and promised to discuss and study some others.

In the words of Rafa Carrió, "this second day of coffee with Aitana has been a resounding success, since many topics have been discussed and fundamental ideas for the city have been drawn that both the Generalitat and the City Council are committed to working for. make them come true." In addition, Carrió has concluded that a new day of Coffee with politicians will be announced very soon.

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