Agustí S. Espí (Compromís): «The region is more than sun and beach. The region is poble »

Compromís He has celebrated this morning his traditional act of 9 d'Octubre in the Jaume I square, which was attended by fifty people, as well as political representatives of the municipality and the region.

«We are humble, but brave people in order to defend what unites us», defined the councilwoman Eva Round on the day of all and all Valencians, in an act that, in addition to celebrating the culture and history of our territory, has been used to vindicate all the demands for which the formation claims to fight from the institutions and in the opposition. «You have the 3 councilors for anything. We have to make strength », asked the mayor.

Strong criticism of the City Council's conformism with exploitation

The act was joined by Agustí S. Espí, a member of the local formation, representing the young voices of the Valencian movement. «I did not live the Franco regime, but I know where we came from and I want to be an active part in our future», said Espí in a speech addressed to young people, to whom he asked for more mobilization and awareness. «Thanks to our parents today we can enjoy music in our language», commented in reference to the performance scheduled for this afternoon of La Fúmiga.

He has also had words towards the controversial statements of the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, in which he claimed to be aware that there were black jobs around the local hospitality but could not do anything about it. Espí has ​​claimed to have suffered as a student and that things can be done to change it. «If it is known that it is being exploited, awareness campaigns can be carried out so that the exploiters may lose their faces of shame», he pointed out assuming that «Not all hospitality is like that». «The region is more than sun and beach. The region is poble, ”Espí said.

First act as Més Compromís

The issue of labor exploitation has not been the only criticism that the local government has taken. Maria too Jose Garcia, a candidate for Congress in Alicante, has launched a poison dart to the Grimalt team for the institutional act they have organized after eliminating it years ago. «We have never used this day opportunistically», Garcia stressed before going on to talk about the state political situation, whose lack of consensus to govern has crossed out «Ridiculous historical». However, he has encouraged those present to get up and go to vote in November. «Comboi; one thing that Valencians do very well, and now it's time to play comboiarse ».

After the speeches, the act has closed, as every year, with the offering of flowers to the statue of Jaume I to the sound of the muixeranga.

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