Open the registration period for the 'Contest of Curricán Bajura' organized by the Real Club Náutico Dénia

El Real Club Nautico Denia celebrates the Coastal Trolling contest next Saturday 27 in October. The fishermen of the city of Dénia again have an appointment at the Curricán Bajura Competition in which only artificial lures and a maximum of 5 curries can be used.

The fishermen will pass the signature control to the 06: 45 hours on Saturday morning, a quarter of an hour later they will go out to sea to capture the best pieces over a maximum distance of 12 nautical miles from the Port of Dénia.

At the end of the fishing day, the boats must return to port at 13 hours, in order to weigh the pieces captured in the weighing act that will be carried out at 14 hours.

The scoring species will be the Melva, Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Guisole, Espetón, Lecha, Llampuga, Little whale, Needle, Anjova, Palometa, Barracuda and Bonito. The weevils will also enter the contest and the capture of Bluefin Tuna, Emperor and Denton will be prohibited.

Registrations open until the October 24

The popular, "octopus pout»That ends the first contest will be held during the halls of the Dénia Royal Yacht Club at 14: 15 hours, at the same time will proceed to the delivery of trophies and prizes to the champions.

The registration period ends on Wednesday 24 of October, being possible to formalize it in the sports office or through the email

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