14 million to connect Dénia and Gata in TRAM

November 11 from 2019 - 14: 00

The Generalitat has awarded for 14,5 millions of euros the renovation of the track and infrastructure conditioning of the 9 Line of the TRAM d'Alacant (Benidorm-Dénia) in the section between Gata de Gorgos and Dénia. The action affects 10,93 kilometers of track and has an execution period of 11,5 months.

The renewal of the track of this section allows to improve the safety conditions, to favor the comfort of the user, the durability of the road and the reduction of maintenance. In addition, the planned work includes the installation of the new signaling and communications systems.

This action is part of the different technical initiatives being carried out by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valencia (FGV) in the Benidorm-Dénia connection and whose objective is to maintain and improve operating conditions, guaranteeing regularity and quality of service with similar standards to the rest of the network in Alicante.

Among the actions already underway or in administrative processing and those planned for the next few years, the Generalitat's investment in the 9 Line of the Alicante TRAM amounts to more than 130 million euros.

Actions to be carried out

This action aims to achieve a comprehensive renovation and modernization of this section of the 9 Line. The state of a good part of the infrastructure of this section, especially embankments, drainage and slopes require actions to consolidate them. Also, the track superstructure needs a renewal of lane, sleeper and ballast.

In parallel with these actions, FGV has already awarded the acquisition of sleepers and rails for the renewal of these two sections. The public company has thus made effective the purchase of 19.000 concrete monobloc metric width sleepers amounting to 1.643.785 euros, VAT included, and 30.600 linear meters rail track 54E1 grade R260, with a cost of 1.443.572,77 euros, also with the aforementioned Tax included.

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  1. Jose Luis says:

    All this is very good, but when you plan to join Denia with Gandia, I think this section is very necessary, since I would join Alicante and Valencia by train and we could do without the car, with its corresponding contamination.

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